Production Technology

Numerous advanced production technologies that produce quality optics with high precision and efficiency

Optics production requires quite different production technologies and expertise from Non-opitcal plastic and glass molding. Because optics precision specification requires a lot higher than Non optics mechanical parts. NALUX possesses a number of advanced production technologies to produce quality optics with high precision and efficiency.

Production management enabling stable production

To ensure production with stable quality and delivery;

  • Keeping workshop environment right.
  • Maintaining Equipment in right conditions.
  • Monitoring molding parameter (monitoring that optimum parameters are maintained)

The practices are is important.
NALUX has established a specialized system based on the concept of TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) to execute maintaining and managing facilities to maintain them in their optimal state and enables them to perform in very efficient manner.
In addition, our self-developed production management system which analyzes in real time the status and data collected from production apparatus that indicates the state of equipment, environment, and products, including various status parameters of equipment in production, the workshop environment (temperature, humidity, particle counts), product evaluations, measurement results, and other information that may have impacts on our production.
This system detects changes in conditions before abnormalities occur and provides appropriate feedback to ensure stable production.

Improving production efficiency and product quality through production process automation

We achieved to make a lot of production processes automated such as molding, assembly, evaluation, secondary process, packing and so on. Automation such as 24 hour complete automated production contributes to improve products quality and production efficiency by reducing product quality variance. Recently, we are also developing AI-based evaluation equipment. These automated equipment, including software of AI/Machine Learning and others, are designed, developed and produced in-house, demonstrating our high production technology capabilities.

Quality assurance system supporting advanced manufacturing

To achieve advanced manufacturing, we believe that advanced measurement and evaluation technologies are also indispensable to support the quality of our products.
NALUX possesses a variety of ultra-high-precision 3D profile measuring machines and dimensional measuring and evaluation machines We can provide quality assurance by dedicated optical functional test equipment designed and built by ourselves depending on need and applicaiton, for the products which can't be evaluated only with mechanical profile and dimensions.
NALUX has acquired ISO9001 and/or IATF16949 certification at all of our production sites, and has established a highly reliable production management system.

Ultrahigh Accurate 3-D Profilometer
(Ultra-high precision 3D measuring machine)
NEXIV (Image Measurement System)
NewView(white-light interferometer)