2024.02.29 Poster Presentation at the 1st Symposium on Medical Photonics at Osaka University

Nalux will make a poster presentation at the 1st Symposium on Medical Photonics at Osaka University on March 13, 2024.  Osaka University is one of the oldest and most prestigious public research universities in Japan.  Nalux has been involved in academia-industry collaboration with the university for many years.

Photonics technology, utilizing gentle light for the living body, is actively researched and developed in its application for medical, dental and pharmaceutical fields, however it has limited social implementation.  This kick-off symposium is intended to discuss bottlenecks of its social implementation in these fields, to cultivate a co-creation community among companies and scientists, and to promote achievement of better future medical and health care with photonics technology.  It is hosted by the Institute for Open and Transdisciplinary Research Initiatives (OTRI) and the Photonics Hub for Life and Biomedical Engineering of Osaka University.

Our poster is showing the following projects and technologies we have been developing with universities and various companies to promote medical-engineering collaboration:

  • Space disinfection with plasma micro mist
  • Microfluidic device

We look forward to seeing you and introducing you to our development.

the 1st Symposium on Medical Photonics
-How to accelerate medical application of photonics
Date and time:  Wednesday, March 13, 2024, from 2:10-8:00pm
Location:  3rd Floor, Icho Kaikan in Suita Campus, Osaka University