Optical Technology

Optical design capability in various fields including geometrical and wave optics

NALUX has many experts in optics.
Nalux offers not only high-precision manufacturing capability but also well-experienced team will listen to customers' required specifications (resolution, beam diameter, brightness, illuminance unevenness, layout restrictions, and other technical requirements) and requests, then we provide our proposals and solutions including optical design.
In cooperation with our processing and manufacturing departments, we offer design review that takes manufacturing feasibilities into account, such as productivity, tolerances, materials and cost.

Imaging optical design and analisys

  • Design examples:Imaging lens, Pick-up optics, Scanning optics for laser beam printer, Optical system for high power laser, Projector and Receiver optics for ToF, Optical system for optical communication.
  • Software: OpticStudio(ZEMAX)

Illumination optics design/analisys

  • Examples: Various Illumination Lenses, Projection optics for sensors, Light source optics for projector, Lens Arrays, Back light system for displays.
  • Software: LightTools, ANSYS SPEOS, OpticStudio(Zemax)
Small projector light source optics
Optical diffuser (Lens Array)

Diffraction optical element design/ analysis

  • Computer Generated Hologram(CGH), Diffractive Optical Element(DOE), Chromatic aberration correction optics, Temperature compensation optics
  • Software: Self-developed software (Scalar wave,RCWA,FDTD), VirtualLab
Projection Image